Should You Avoid Sex During Period

Regular sex is an important part of maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Even though sex has been exhaustively described in many journals and publications, it is still a bit taboo for many people to have sex during period time. Many couples are interested in this question, but always feel reluctant about asking for answers. This is because many of us are culturally conditioned in thinking that sex during period is “unclean” and dirty. In the same breath, there are plenty of misconceptions that surround the issue of sex during period. From a medical standpoint, sex during mensuration is completely normal and safe. This might seem quite weird, but millions of couples worldwide do it. In addition, sex during period comes along with a lot of benefits.

Firstly, there’s a popular myth that tries to shed a bad light on the menstrual blood and it suggests that the flow is dirty and full of impurities. With this, people are wired into thinking that the flow from the woman can indeed cause harm and even transmit infections to the penis. However, this can’t be further from the truth. There is nothing wrong with menstrual blood. So coming into contact with the menstrual flow will cause no harm, or infection to the penis.

Another pervasive misconception that makes many adults shy away from making love during the periods is the myth that suggests that the uterus can be compromised or rather injured during sex. Sure, the cervix opens just enough to allow the menstrual flow, but would in no way allow the penis to penetrate. Therefore, no harm can be done.

Despite the uncomfortable feeling many may have about blood, the menstrual flow does make a good lubricant, keeping the vagina wet during intercourse. The heavy blood flow around the genitalia is not only vital for lubrication, but it also triggers arousal to the women, meaning that most women experience a higher sex drive during this time of month.

And finally, experiencing an orgasm during period releases pain-reducing endorphins. This can result in a reduction for the pain of cramps that are associated with mensuration. Also, the contractions your experience when you orgasm can help in getting rid of the menstrual flow, meaning that it will take fewer days to clear your flow. But if you are wary of having sex on your period but you would like to still make sure your significant other’s sexual needs are met you can hire an escort from charlotte London escorts to keep your lover happy and satisfied.